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How users feel about splyt

“Splyt is literally the best and easiest way to split a group check that I've ever encountered. I love the interface of uploading a receipt that is then easily accessible to everyone to claim their items and pay the right amount”

James Belarde
March 13, 2024

“This app is so effective at splitting the bills on the spot. It is a game changer when you have someone willing to front the bill and don’t have to inconvenience the wait staff.”

Jan 31, 2024

“Super Excited that splyt is finally available on the Google Play Store! My friends and I use splyt every time we go out. It makes splitting the bill so much easier.”

Nori Patterson
March 13, 2024

"This app is a game changer for anyone wanting to collect credit card points on a big bill and not have to worry about everyone paying their part!"

Mar 8, 2024

“Easy to use and fast. This is the best way to split bills and make sure everyone pays their own tab. Quickly splits up a bill into individual items and you’re able to split items with friends.”

Feb 12, 2024

“blows my mind that more people haven’t caught on to this yet. i use it at every dinner out with friends and everyone always asks why this wasn’t a thing until now. so simple, so essential.”

Feb 8, 2024